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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I was thinking of doing an ANTHROPOLOGIE give away!! Sounds like fun, right? Well since I'm telling you I'll have to do it now : )Don't fall over, its nothing huge. But it is beautiful! I'll post about it on Friday. Well I'll shoot for Friday, because I have to take photos since they don't have them online.I'll give you all the details then. (you will have to be in the US).So tell your friends to visit on Friday! You will be able to submit your name and I'll select a random winner over the weekend.

Pen and ink dessert plate............


A new catalog 12 x's a YEAR!!!

I just saw this on ANTHO's site.... A new catalog 12 times a year!!!!!!
I'm sooooo excited! How awesome is that!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

kids stuff

When I was in Anthropologie I saw a little girl riding around on this little 'go-go racer and hitch'. Actually, to be precise she ran over my toes,(yes really) but she was cute and it didn't hurt too much.
So she was riding and riding, following her mama all around, and I'm guessing she didn't want to give it up because the lady asked the cashier 'How much is this thing?'. So the girl was trying to find the price. I think she said $300.. its really $198. Did not hang around to see if she gave in.
It really is such a cute little go go racer!

This is just a picture of the cutest fish -clyde the clown fish.

makes me smile....

Because don't we all need a grocer's bicycle that cost just under 2 grand! Come on, aren't you smiling?

This pedal-perfect, midnight blue three-speed comes equipped with a Brooks leather saddle, wicker basket and front kickstand.
All-weather brake hubs
Heavy duty 26" rear and 20" front wheels
Tubular steel, rubber
22" frame
Seat: 35"H

Monday, January 29, 2007

Inside February 07 catalog

You must forgive my awful scanning of these lovely pages. I was in a bit of a hurry.


February 2007: Anthropologie

Don't you just love this cover of the February 07 Anthropologie catalog!


Sensor free...woo hoo!

Yes, I made the lunch time trip to remove the Sensor that was left on my vest. All is well, now I can plan my outfit and won't be setting off any alarms! you can guess, even though I told myself to get in and get out without buying- it seems an impossibility. Especially with SALES. So I bought 2 pairs of 'above the knee' socks. I've never even wore a pair before but they just seem soo cozy and cute. I'm guessing you could wear them with a skirt too...not sure. They don't have a pic online to show you.

Also, they were marked at $14.95, but they rang for only $4.95 each pair. So I'm wondering if everything in the SALE section is really cheaper than marked. I had to run out before I caused anymore damage. I mean really. I must be stopped.

ANTHRO: Woodcliff Lakes, NJ

Saturday I took a trip to the ANTHROPOLOGIE in Woodcliff Lakes(NJ) at Tices Corner. I have visted this one before but I forgot how lovely and huge this location is. It's soo spacious, it has super high ceilings with huge windows, as well as sky lights, so needless to say it lets in tons of light which makes all the difference in the world.

So I picked up a few more fabric letters.... my daughter bribed me into getting her a stuffed puppy. I say bribed because she started to cry at the register and I usually never give in to that crap. But I didn't want to have a scene there, at that moment, in my favorite store she won.
I bought this super nice 'lemon drop cropped vest', that I really love.

And I also bought this great owl towel.

So now to the not so fun I was leaving Anthro, my bags beeped as I walked out. No biggie, it happens, I brought the bags back to the lady who checked everything again. I walked out, beeped again. She said it must be a soft sensor, so I left and went on my way. know I get home to try on my super cute vest and find a big ole black plastic security tag on it. @$%^^ Yeah, maybe I should of checked, but I thought they would be capable of handling that. Right? Ughhhhh. Don't you absolutely hate when that happens.

I think my next trip will have to be to visit the Edgewater ANTHROPOLOGIE. I hear its the best one... Is that true?

Friday, January 26, 2007

ANTHROPOLOGIE: Great plains mirror

This 'great plains mirror' is really stunning. It's made with tiles of polished buffalo horn.
ummm ... so nice. I tried to give you a close up shot of the tiles.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sean Penn..Anthropologie?

As read on
Oh, no one in Northern California is starstruck. Edith Piaf-ian singer Raquel Bitton describes her "religious experience" Saturday in the Corte Madera shopping center parking lot: Seeing Sean Penn, "leaning against the wall of Anthropologie, smoking, waiting for his wife and daughter to finish their shopping. He sat on the floor, people all around him instantly frozen in their position. ... What a face! What charisma! You could feel the love all around!''

40% OFF

SILLY ME......I forgot to tell you they are having a great SALE in the home section. Take an additional 40% off the SALE section HOME items.

Soooooo goood! It's amazing I didn't leave with more. But like I said, I'm tempted to go back tomorrow. As if breaking up my expenditures in separate days makes it any better, well it feels like you're not spending as much. Oh the crazy things we tell ourselves!!

Happy shopping!

Thursday: Shopping at ANTHROPOLOGIE

Yes, I went to ANTHROPOLOGIE during lunch for a little treat for moi!
I was pretty good today...didn't spend a fortune.
I bought a fabric letter....

and one of these 'davy crops' in slate.....they feel so velvety soft. And they were a steal..
the price tag said $29.95.... but they rang up for $9.95.....super sale!! wooo hooo! Hope they fit.
check out the pinstripes..... I likey!

and lastly a little journal with beautiful decorated pages to write in.
Can't find a pic online at the moment.

I'm thinking of going back tomorrow for more fabric letters.......I love them!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ANTHROPOLOGIE: kids' apron

I love this 'forest collage' apron for kids!!!


ANTHROPOLOGIE: Marisco skirt

This 'Marisco Skirt' reminds me of the spring that seems so very far away.... while I am freezing today.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Super sweet sale.....

All of my favorite ornaments are crazy cheap at Anthro now....... you should snatch them up before I do! Starting at $1.95 - $3.95.

Monday, January 22, 2007

prahya mirror

'Reclaimed red wood from Thai thickets now frames a rectangular pool of glass. '
Hanging hook
Wood, glass
31"H, 24"W


............just a little update on my first YOGA class. I can't believe this but I actually loved it! It's not as easy as one might think. I felt so invigorated after I was done and even today my body feels good. Its hard to explain. I'm not exactly sore , I feel achy but good. It might take some getting use to the Ooooohhmmmm Ooooohmmmm's but I'm hooked. Very suprising for me! Hopefully I can do it on my own between classes as well. I'm psyched!

Provence Perfume bottle, square


So I took a lunch time trip...

last week to visit Anthro to get my fix ONLY to come to a grinding halt by a sign saying 'closed for inventory, will be open later today'. How disappointing, right!!! So I was forced to shop elsewhere... I also visited their sister store Free People for a mini fix.

The other day I was just taking note of all the things that are Anthropologie in my house. Because you don't really take note of these things as you look around...and trust me its not as much as YOU would think a girl who's blog is dedicated to the store should have...but there's plenty.

The funny thing is in my bedroom I do have Anthro curtains, which I love but I also have these really ancient night/end tables that once belonged to my husbands grandparents. They are so very old and in need of refinishing but I was looking at them and thinking they are so 'Anthropologie'! If I ever get around to taking pics I'll show ya.

Anyway..I'm off to my first Yoga class ever! Why am I torturing myself, I have no idea. I'm not that flexible, bendy, energetic, exercise type. I suppose I'm hoping I will love it and motivate myself to be more active. blah blah..
Wish me luck!!!