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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Away I go........ see you soon!

Oceans blue here I come! One more day and I shall be sailing away from everything!!!! And thinking about nothing for 9 days.
Now wouldn't it be grand if they had an Anthropologie on the ship. Now that would be my dream, hey you never know! They really need to get some better places to shop onboard. Can you imagine the amount of money I would spend if I were on board a ship with access to an Anthropologie store for 9 days straight? Scary thought for my wallet.

And so I leave you with shades of blue.....................................

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rapunzel peep wedges

these shoes are funky and I adore them!
Sparkling gold suede crossed with black leather has a fairy-tale ending: colorful ties wrap and curl about your ankles. By Georgina Goodman. 2.5" heel. Leather insole, sole. Italy. $398.
I wish I could show you a closer look. So divine.

Sunbeam ensemble


South Carolina here we come!!!

As read on

Anthropologie will open its store in Spring 2008 on the planned urban village at the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. The 12,000 Square foot, Anthropologie store, will be the FIRST in South Carolina.

Monday, June 26, 2006

NY Times on the web

Anthropologie's 'barefoot lawn dress' on

(found under fashion & style, multimedia)

living in the countryside

'A 400-page tribute to European rural living, written by Barbara and Rene Stoeltie. Showcasing beautiful, bucolic homes of Sweden, Holland, France, Greece, Majorca and Tuscany, this 25th anniversary volume combines exquisite photography with details and descriptions translated into English, French and German. 21"l, 10.5"w. Taschen. $24.95'

Inside Cuba


From lush sugarcane fields to glorious hotel interiors, this celebratory book explores the architectural relics of Cuba's revolutionary days from the inside out. Photographs saturated with color and captions in three languages honor the rich culture and design legacy of old Cuba.12.75"l, 9.75"w, 1.5"d. Taschen. $49.95

Monday shopping..........

...I like this pic, with the reflection so clear in the background. Although, I am quite sure that no one but a model could pull off wearing that outfit combo.

..kindled spice dress
'Intoxicating poppies in shades of camel and pink burst across black silk. Beneath the flattering empire-waist bodice spill soft pleats, bathing the legs in an exotic potpourri. Finished with thin ties along the nape. Plenty by Tracy Reese. Hidden back zip. Dry clean. 49"l. Imported. was $228. now $114.95'

Friday, June 23, 2006

Did you forget to bring something to work today?

Actually I should say 'someone'........... Do you know what today is?
Ok may not be a pet person, so I will tell you.

If you are hearing more than the usual barks and growls coming from your boss' corner office that's because JUNE 23rd is officially TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY!!!

Of course you probably won't see any pups around most corporate offices, but it would be nice.

PS---- I should also note that ANTHROPOLOGIE is known for being VERY dog friendly!! xoxo

feeling fine friday

(Actually I'm feelin' fat today, but I'm trying to be positive)

I like this Oriel Frame with its look of old carved wood. I think I would place a black and white photo of Grandma in here! Perfect.

I swear my grandma has this baby boom timer! copy cats!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Morning Tote

Hey.. what do you think of this tote?
I think it's rather cute and cheerful, called the Good Morning Tote.
'Just-opened flowers bring some sunshine to Orla Kiely's roomy canvas bag. Outfitted with striped handles and a removable strap. Four pouches and one zip pocket inside. Zip closure. 15"l, 19"w, 8.5"d. Imported.

Here is it's companion the Good Afternoon Carryall, which I like even more!!
A great carryall for my cruise, don't ya think?

'Big blossoms in greens and browns brighten Orla Kiely's roomy canvas tote. Outfitted with striped handles. Two outer zippers form separate compartments; inside each you'll find pouches and zipped pockets galore. 12"l, 16"w, 4.5"d. Imported

Thursday, June 15, 2006

peek in on one gal's shopping spree

Francesca Castagnoli is a senior staff writer at SELF who keeps a blog called 'Off the couch'. She's doing her best to get moving(losing the post baby weight) and make time to be healthy and happy despite her jam-packed schedule.
Read about her most recent shopping spree to the new Anthropologie at the Rockefeller Center.
** I love your finds Francesca!***

Electric Sky dress

Here's another great dress that I would love to take with me... at first glance the material looks like cotton, but if get closer you'll see its SATIN! How nice! I love the bright, cheery color and beautiful pattern.

'Pull on a color-drenched sunset recreated in printed orange satin by Tracy Feith for Le Shack. Rope ties cinch the elastic bust. Dry clean. 40"l. USA.

Watermelon dress

I have a cruise coming up soon.. and this dress seems like it would be perfect for strolling along the deck or walking along the sandy beaches.

'A juicy summer beach frock from Le Shack by Tracy Feith. Pink paisleys swirl while white eyelet cotton foams from waist to hem. Back zip. Dry clean. 33"l. USA.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

random picks

nymphaea skirt $118.

zen wrap $49.95 SALE (158. reg)

Sailing sandals $49.95 (reg 78)

Sally jacket $78.00

Monday, June 12, 2006

For the love of giraffes........

This masai tee caught my eye because I LOVE giraffe's. But I'm not sure if I would wear it. Nope, the more I look at it, the more I say, no. It's cute, but its a no go.

PS... my sister went to Disney and brought me back the CUTEST stuffed animal giraffe that I have ever seen... and it's a giraffe that is laying down, which I have never seen. Hmm, maybe he's a lazy giraffe... hey sis, are you trying to tell me something?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pick an outfit.............


feeling gray

Rain, rain please go away. You're depressing me.
I think I shall shop now...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Young designers with more options

There was a time when young designers fresh out of school knew their options were New York or NewYork. Now, according to the Boston Globe, 'the universe is expanding.'

'The womenswear company Anthropologie recruits a handful of graduates for internship positions, which sometimes turn into full-time jobs, said design director Johanna Uurasjarvi. Many recruits will choose Philadelphia because it is a more ``manageable" city than New York, she said, and the company appreciates when they do. ``We like having the young talent in here," Uurasjarvi said.

When did humans start wearing shoes....

if you've ever wondered....stroll on over to the science blogs and read on.

I think it had to be a man who created the high heel shoe!

Not into Olive, but I dig the shoe

These sweet olive sandals are really cute.. I don't really like the color green but I would almost make an exception since I like the look of these.

LOVE the labyrinth!!!

I just love this 'labyrinth park loveseat'! I think it is charmingly sweet and beautiful. The wrought iron detail is amazing and I love the extra thick cushions. All around great!
I'm not sure I've mentioned the word LOVE enough here.

I'm wanting this really bad!

I'll have the seaweed please..

.... close up of the jubata seaweed print

Lovely ...

All found in the Soap, Scent and Body section of ANTHROPOLOGIE

Monday, June 05, 2006

Mama's-to-be want to shop too

I think Anthropologie should have a small section dedicated to mama’s-to-be. I know what your saying. ---that their target market is age 30 to 45.
But as you know, women are having their kiddies much later in life today then it was in the past. Today, right now, I can name 4 women I know personally that are in their mid thirties and pregnant.

I know these woman would love to STILL be able to shop at their favorite store!!
Come on Anthropologie… it’s a hot market… what do you think?

Maybe it could be a limited selection of convertible items... for example tops that tie in the back..
so you could still wear them post baby.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

From Summer Essentials 2006 Catalog

Friday, June 02, 2006

As seen in Domino (my favorite mag of all time)


Crayfish Curio
Hand carved from polished bone, this delicate freshwater model features moveable legs and antennae. 11"l, 3"h. Imported. (I'll scan the copy from the mag for you later) p.80

Olivewood Charger P.91

Southerly Winds tote 165

Lookout hat (I say look the other way on this one!) p 165