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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shopping for inspiration? I do

Excerpt from the Kansis City Star. By Cindy Hoedel

'Sometimes the best finds are free.
Sure, a new pillow or place mat can give your room a lift for a season, but design inspiration drawn from creative store displays is enduring. Training yourself to look beyond products when you shop and analyze how they are displayed can help you refine and personalize your home without breaking the bank

'Create a story
“It’s hot summer. It’s Barcelona. She’s an artist.” That’s how visual manager Stephanie Moore describes the inspiration for Anthropologie’s new displays. She says the store’s goal is to create an experience for people they haven’t had before. The same strategy can help unlock ideas for personalizing your own home, Moore says.

First, think of a setting that appeals to you. Let that inspire your décor choices. Carry the theme throughout a room or several rooms and keep it cohesive. For example, Anthropologie’s new displays feature different colors and varieties of dried lentils used as accents in various places — here in glass jars, there in dried seed pods.

“You don’t have to actually get a chandelier; just suggest a chandelier,” Moore says. Although Anthropologie sells real chandeliers, their mock chandeliers are often the show stealers. Very often store designers take inexpensive natural materials — branches, rope, dried flowers, strings of mini lights, strands of crystals — and integrate them into dramatic arrangements suspended over dining table displays.
“We’re always working on a tight budget. A lot of great designs come from things we already have,” Moore says. Once designers took a broken chair, cut down the legs and reupholstered it to look Moroccan.'

Browsing around...

I was in Anthropologie last week..... and when I walked into the store my nose was mesmerized by the most alluring scent. I remember taking in a deep breath and then sighing. It was so good. I don't even know exactly what it was. I think it was a candle. So Lovely.

I saw this Scalloped Napkin holder there... it really is beautiful, its just the wrong color for my kitchen.

I also saw this Olivewood charger.... it really is as charming as it looks!

Did you drop off the face of the planet or what?!

I know... I know... life gets in the way of my obsession sometimes. Enough said.

Have you seen the Summer 2006 catalog? of course you have, since I'm months behind.

This skirt is cute...but for some reason it is reminding me of a beautiful bedspread I saw... I must be imagining that...let me find it...

Is it just me or I crazy? any way.. I love them both. : )