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An obsession, have to have it, definitely want to live there! A gal who spends way too many lunch hours at Anthropologie--browsing, making my wish list, inspired, charmed, teased, of course I have to leave with something.. anything! I can go back to work, I've had my fix.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Fuchs.I love HOME design and creating new things out of the ordinary!!! I love painting, drawing, making Vines and all things handmade! Love fashion, shopping and blogging! I blog about what's new with Pinkybrown and to bookmark beautiful things that inspire me! Email me: Pinkybrown2005(AT)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cream and sugar

White Birch lamp................. White coral lamp

garlands & butterflies rug.......... lyonnaise table

wash day shower curtain ........alphabet hooks

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sandals I must have....

Today.. right now would be great. ANTHROPOLOGIE's buckled ankle-wraps are frigging fabulous!!! They are simply lovely.. in every way.
'Spring's most original-looking sandal comes from contemporary cobbler Jim Barnier. Crafted of supple leather, with an itsy bitsy peep-toe and adjustable buckle closures. 0.5" stacked heel. Leather sole. Charcoal, natural. USA'
< I prefer the natural ones.

Monday, January 23, 2006

........ stepping away

My fellow ANTHROPOLOGIE fans.. I will be gone for a few days due to a death in the family : (

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cushions and pillows

Kind of makes me long for spring... Painterly seat cushion

This one below, is the ombre ferns pillow. I just bought a vase that looks exactly like these pillows.. how strange.

Having withdrawls...

Sorry... but my job that pays the bills has been keeping me away from you and I am having serious ANTHROPOLOGIE cravings!!!!!

Look at these darling shoes.......I am sooo in LOVE!!
Besita espadrilles laced with Satin ribbon, peep toes and a heel I can actually wear!
I must have these!

So cute, I had to post twice!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006


I can say that today and truly mean it.... because I am NOT AT WORK!!! Wooo--hooo!

moccasin heels

Lady Curson blouse

North country skirt

house of burgundy blouse

PS... - items not intended to go together...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

random finds

seurat bird dishtowel $14.

sir barkington large damask dog bed $168.

priana rug $68.

golden loafer slingbacks $104.

arabella clutch $99.95

Cinnamon girl

My absolute favorite color is BROWN!
If you are buying me something, and are unsure what to get, you can increase your chances of my liking it, if you just go Brown. You wouldn't know it by all the colorful sweaters I received this Christmas. Not one brown : ( . I guess I should of wrote this post a little earlier.

embroided brown ottoman pillow

belle epoque boots

prideaux place

twisting vines embroided tote

bandeau bucket bag

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Feelin kind of green today

I'm wearing way too much green today... and then I have my green peppermint coat on to boot..... which I would not have worn if I had taken 2 secconds to think about it.
They say you should always take 1 last look in the mirror before you leave the house. Oh well........... so that's my theme right now.

cloverfield heels

Roses dream bed....

green primrose rug

belle chandelier

Cheyenne thongs

Ponytail scarf

lost weekend shoulder bag

juniper boots

TOP of the morn'n to ya

ANTHROPOLOGIE's shelter v-neck looks like it would be a great fit!

How about a lean mean henley? I love the the half sleeves and plunging V line...

a great tee...........sundew crewneck

Ending with a visionary cardigan

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Olivewood charger

This charger is pretty enough to hang on the wall!

Sand and sable swirl in an intricate grain. Dramatic and natural, this platter is easily polished with a dab of olive oil. 13"dia. France. $58

It's all about the SALES...

ANTHROPOLOGIE Goods..........
Antique column candlestick was $ $25.
lime green or white (I prefer the white)

lots of great doggy sweaters.......
pom pom was $48. now $25.

posy dog sweater was $42 now $20

SUPER SUPER STEAL...................I want this..
ethnic floral canvas hammock ... was $ $45

Saturday, January 07, 2006

You're pretty cute, for a plant stand..

white queen plant stand
don't you think so? I mean, as cute as a plant stand can possibly be.

A lil' Anthropologie............

Lovely things for your wee one!
This cupcake cardigan is soo sweet.... even sweeter on sale $49.95

Sugar Plum Fairy cardigan $39.95

Every kid should have a great set of blocks like
Anthropologie's wooden alphabet ones. $38.


Here's a book for you Blahnik lovers!
Blahnik by Boman: Shoes, Photographs, Conversation

'The iconic Manolo Blahnik heel plays the starring role in this showpiece tome. Photographer Eric Boman captures exquisite Blahniks in equally exquisite settings. Imagine a fiery red stiletto next to a lobster, or a raven tugging on a gorgeously feathered t-strap. It's haute at its most humorous. 12.75"l, 11"w. Chronicle Books.'
(See...ANTHROPOLOGIE has everything a girl could love!)

Serpentine River Earrings

I love these 'serpentine river earrings'... I even like the name.
But I would be very suprised if these beauties didn't stretch your earlobe down to your chin.
I hope I am wrong, because they are so very pretty. I just can't imagine they are light.

Friday, January 06, 2006

This is the job I dream about

Keith have my DREAM job!!!
This is the wonderful man who scores all the great unique, one of kind, old-soul fixtures, objects and items that you see at each Anthropologie store!!

Keith is the found-objects buyer at ANTHROPOLOGIE. Sighhhh...

You can read a bit about him and his fab job in this piece by the Philadelphia Inquirer at

Keith...if you need a personal assistant/project manager.. someone to carry your bags..whatever...I AM so there!! : )


Thursday, January 05, 2006

talk about pretty!!

Have you ever seen such a pretty flower pot........well now you have.
This is Anthropologie's tropicalia pot! It is awesome... you will need a great looking plant to compliment this baby. $28. This one is a medium.

wait there's more....the large one comes in Avocado

don't forget the grande in Brazil Nut... $78.