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Monday, January 29, 2007

ANTHRO: Woodcliff Lakes, NJ

Saturday I took a trip to the ANTHROPOLOGIE in Woodcliff Lakes(NJ) at Tices Corner. I have visted this one before but I forgot how lovely and huge this location is. It's soo spacious, it has super high ceilings with huge windows, as well as sky lights, so needless to say it lets in tons of light which makes all the difference in the world.

So I picked up a few more fabric letters.... my daughter bribed me into getting her a stuffed puppy. I say bribed because she started to cry at the register and I usually never give in to that crap. But I didn't want to have a scene there, at that moment, in my favorite store she won.
I bought this super nice 'lemon drop cropped vest', that I really love.

And I also bought this great owl towel.

So now to the not so fun I was leaving Anthro, my bags beeped as I walked out. No biggie, it happens, I brought the bags back to the lady who checked everything again. I walked out, beeped again. She said it must be a soft sensor, so I left and went on my way. know I get home to try on my super cute vest and find a big ole black plastic security tag on it. @$%^^ Yeah, maybe I should of checked, but I thought they would be capable of handling that. Right? Ughhhhh. Don't you absolutely hate when that happens.

I think my next trip will have to be to visit the Edgewater ANTHROPOLOGIE. I hear its the best one... Is that true?


Anonymous Alicia said...

I have recently stumbled upon your blog and have to say that I wished we lived closer. I too share your love for Anthropologie.
I have two near me and have withdrawls if I dont get to go to them often.
The last two weeks, I have been obsessively browsing their website and have ordered twice in the last week.
I love that pullover vest.
Keep up the Anthropologie love!

2:45 PM  
Blogger jade said...

Alicia.... are you in a different state, where are you located?
Always nice to chat with my fellow Anthropologie fans!

2:54 PM  
Anonymous alicia said...

I am in Georgia

3:36 PM  
Anonymous martha said...

I used to work in the Edgewater Anthro, and although it's pretty good, I'd say the one in SoHo is much, much better. (I'm on the West Coast now, and if you're ever out here, you must visit Santa Monica. Two floors and totally fab.)

12:28 AM  
Blogger PNB said...

Hi there Jade, :)

Been to both the Anthro Stores in Woodcliff Lales (Tices) and SoHO.
Have yet to go to the one in Edgewater that u mentioned.
Didnt know they had one there.

An avid shopper myself of clothes/shoes/collectibles/art/home decor etc....and no....not gay being a guy...LOL
Cant guys be just as passionate about shopping too??:)


4:25 PM  
Blogger sisters with style said...

I love that sweater. We unfortunately don't have an Anthropologie where I live. However I visit the web-site often. I've been looking at that sweater on their sale page.

10:18 PM  

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