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Monday, January 29, 2007

Sensor free...woo hoo!

Yes, I made the lunch time trip to remove the Sensor that was left on my vest. All is well, now I can plan my outfit and won't be setting off any alarms! you can guess, even though I told myself to get in and get out without buying- it seems an impossibility. Especially with SALES. So I bought 2 pairs of 'above the knee' socks. I've never even wore a pair before but they just seem soo cozy and cute. I'm guessing you could wear them with a skirt too...not sure. They don't have a pic online to show you.

Also, they were marked at $14.95, but they rang for only $4.95 each pair. So I'm wondering if everything in the SALE section is really cheaper than marked. I had to run out before I caused anymore damage. I mean really. I must be stopped.


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