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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New for the season...

Anthropologie has plenty of great new items for the season..
The bedspread below was one of them. Here's a few more:
parisienne charger, seville & raisins

victorian soap dish

White birch lamp

coral sundew cushion

finnia hothouse bedding

Great name.. finnia hothouse bedding! Tell me you don't love this set!
Actually...don't tell me..because I will still love it.
'Quilting has never looked so spontaneous. Giant botanicals and doodly-dots pop from downy beige cotton in the most luscious fall palette we've dreamed up yet - cranberry, apricot, plum, chocolate, olive, and persimmon.'


Anthropologie's retro fern mat comes in a deep plum wool with curling pink and cream leaves. It's such a great looking mat! It's 2'x3' for $78.

It also comes in 3' x5', 4' x 6', & 5' x 7'.. I really adore this rug!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Funky and very cool..

This is the San Telmo skirt... I like the embroided cocoa corduroy with its layered petticoats in vibrant prints. $248.......... so lady like!

If you get this skirt, you must get the Keyhole heels to match. Looks so good together! Mmmmm

cafe lace handbag

Anthropologie's cafe lace handbag is so pretty! And so expensive. If only I had a few extra hundreds laying around. Hey I just remembered I never checked my Mega Millions lotto ticket...I'll have to do that when I get home. You never know!!!
'Coffee-colored leather, printed with a lace pattern light as foam, forms a roomy purse. Two leather straps are ornamented with oversized brass hardware. One inside zip pocket and cell phone pouch. Fully lined. Magnetic snap closure. 10"l, 15"w, 5"d. Imported.' $428...GASP!

Was Santa good to you?

Santa was good to me. Some of my faves are my new Magenta Razr phone, my peppermint green wool coat and some great outfits such as my brown BCBG velour jogging suit. I am also loving my gift cards that allows me to buy whatever I please.

Here's a pic of my latest Anthropologie purchase (except I found it at Marshall's... I am a cheater)
It's the Sultana Empire blouse...
'Echoes of a royal chamber. Copper velvet burnout is treated to majestic charmeuse piping and gathered shoulders; the ruched sweetheart neckline comes together with a regal row of hooks and eyes. Fully lined in silk. Dry clean. Imported.' Posted for $188...I paid $28.

Finding stuff at these discount stores is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. But I've been lucky lately!!!

Here's a few other things I like:
gaston kitchen clock
book: rajastan

courtier shell

Thursday, December 22, 2005

1 for me.. 1 for you...

I have been doing so much shopping I am truly worn out.. But I have scored some great things!
My problem is that I can't resist the great sales and I ALWAYS buy something for myself. It's crazy, but I can't help myself. So I buy 1 thing for me..a couple gifts for family..another for me, and you see where this is going.
But I MUST tell you about the SHOES I found today. I saw these pretty pink feminine peep toes just calling me. They were beautiful, they were a crinkly copper rose color, with a perforated leather bow in front, skinny wedge, and a stretchy buckle closure. I picked them up and looked at the price, they were $35.00. I told myself, NO you can't buy another thing for yourself!! STOP! But as I was staring at these shoes, I thought they looked familiar and then I remembered they were soooo VERY similar to a pair I was going to buy online at ANTHROPOLOGIE. I dismissed that thought, walked out with my shoes a happy girl!

Tonight when I got home, and was surfing online, only to confirm my suspicions that the shoes WERE THE EXACT SHOES FROM ANTHROPOLOGIE for $88.00.
So I am even a much happier girl!!

How fabulous!! Aren't they lovely......

p.s--- I almost forgot to tell you....T.J.Maxx.....shhhhh!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Angeleno sling bag

Solstice again

still solstice

Solstice 2005


Friday, December 16, 2005

Mad..but still shopping

You can't tell I was mad right? It's only been 2 days without posting.
So Wednesday I had some time to do a little shopping. I went up to Tice's Corner in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. I knew they had an ANTHROPOLOGIE and I had to see it.
(even if I was not loving them at the moment).
I will get to what I bought in a moment but let me tell you this shopping strip is AWESOME!
It's the BEST strip I've been to. It has all of my faves in one place, how is that possible!!!
Here's a run down:
Williams Sonoma
Pottery Barn
Banana Republic
Victoria Secret
Bath & body works
GAP, GAP kids, Baby GAP
The Children's place
Apple Computer
Pier 1
Awesome line up, if I do say so myself!
Here's a couple things I scored, that I could find pics of for you:
this lovely tan silk skirt was $138. is on the web for $99., I paid $30.

some lovely stationary

I also bought a huge journal, a beautiful beaded belt,
some light switch plates which they don't have pics of.
I also bought some great things in Pottery Barn, Jcrew, chico's and children's place.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

NO boots for you

Update: Some of you know I have been waiting for my Scottish Poet boots since around 10/24... I was told they were on backorder all this time. And now I just received a mail saying my order is cancelled. They are ALL OUT! (of my size)
How depressing. I'm so very bummed out! I really wanted my boots.

I personally think that you should offer your customers something for waiting sooo long. For instance, a discount on the next order. Or some goodwill gesture. Where's the planning of inventory? If you have a backorder, don't you know how many you will be getting. It makes no sense to let your customer think for months she will be getting her order. OH and I forgot to mention, I called up before I received your cancellation mail and some nice lady told me they would be shipped out on Dec. what was that about!

Where's the LOVE Anthropologie! : ( I'm personally not feeling it so much.

...........I'm still loving you.......................

I'm sure I must have posted this one before ...because I distinctly remember drooling over it..then forgot about I'm wanting it again! And I still haven't made my xmas list.
This is the velvet seedlings wrap...

Ag angel infinite

habipti slip ons or these october skimmers

Monday, December 12, 2005

you woo me!

Look at these little beauties. ANTHROPOLOGIE'S hanging votive glasses are charming and won't break the bank, which is always a good thing.
They are only $18. a piece and come in amber and green, held in a charming twisted wire basket.

wanna buy a poster for $278 bucks........

No it's not a poster of a rock star. It's a freaking chair, people! A chair. Here is the exact description:

chair wallpaper poster - A black-and-white print of this stately parlor furnishing is hand brushed with pastel paint for a wall-length illusion of grandeur. Signed by artist and equipped with a plastic rod for easy display.130"l, 22"w. Pink, teal. UK.

What is this world coming to. HA HA. I admit I do actually like the poster, if it weren't such an insanely insulting price.!!! so bizarre.

Window Shopping: ANTHROPOLOGIE

Posted by 'dalydose' on Flickr...(actually these are last year..but I like them)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

the knit it worth it?

Want to read one gal's detailed review of ANTHROPOLOGIE'S 'knit kit'. Read what Grumperina has to say.

4 out of 5 ain't bad

Click here to read The Consumerist's review of Anthropologie's Solstice 2005 catalog.

Beautiful wrapping

This is the lovely tissue paper from Anthropologie. I absolutely adore it!
(posted by 'handcolored' on flickr)

Shopping overload..

At Anthropologie, 5th Ave.(Jackie Trehorn's photos on flickr)

ANTHROPOLOGIE NY: 17th & 5th Ave

pippylongstocking posted a photo:

Tilted Table

Friday, December 09, 2005

Not found in stores

This sweater is an exclusive to and cannot be found in stores.
It's the poets muse cardigan. $198.00

What do I want for Christmas?

That's what my husband asked me today. I said I don't know yet. Of course, there are a ton of things I see everyday that I like. But for some reason I become super selective when deciding what I really want for Christmas. I guess I want it to be something I wouldn't buy for myself or something I won't get tired of in a month. For some strange reason I can't decide on one specific thing.
What about this radiant drops necklace! It really is lovely with its Swarovski crystals and semi-precious jewels........but will I love you forever? Oh ...stop being so dramatic and pick something for g-d sakes!!!!!

scrumptious ANTHROPOLOGIE bags

Winter floral purse, Dickens saddle bag

Felicity clutch, Northumberland garden bag

safekeeper satchel, rosemarie velvet tote

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

in Violet Magazine (cont)

As seen in Violet Magazine, lots of goods from ANTHROPOLOGIE. Not every item on here is from them, but just about.

-Green crackle platter and vase from crate and barrel; purple serving bowl from

-Large flower molded candles in green & purple from; large & small ball candles in olive & pillar candles in wine & olive from crate and barrel, scented soy kitchen candles in pale green & plum from www.;
carved green candle from Prana spa, bali.

-Pillows & napkins from

- French milled soap from

Anthropologie in VIOLET Magazine...

Where have I been, that I am seeing Violet Magazine for the first time a couple of days ago. It's tagline is 'Modern Family Living'. It's really a unique magazine, you must pick up a copy.

(ok for some reason I can't post the next pic here..I'll have to post separately..sorry. It's a full page spread of ANTHROPOLOGIE goods.)

How many pairs of JEANS do you have?

I don't know why I have sooo many. Although they are all a little different from each other.
THEY ARE STILL JUST JEANS!!! And then I have the 3 pairs of jeans that I didn't try on in the store--- tried on at home---couldn't get them up past the hips--- but won't return them because I AM going to fit in them ONE day. Do you have any of those? I must be crazy.

Even still.......I like ANTHROPOLOGIE'S art colony denim jeans. And they are on sale, which is even better. They were $168. now $129.
'Exuding handmade charm, this abraded bohemian jean is embellished with blue and green floral embroidery along the legs. Featuring beaded belt loops and raw cut cuffs. 32"l. Machine wash. Imported'

Where are your socks??

I am truly not a winter person. I HATE the cold. This season, I refused to even put on my winter coat until the temps reached the 30's. I was in denial. I have to say, here on the east coast, we have been really lucky to have the warm weather hang around so long into November. It was strange.

I also hate socks.. I know its silly. But If I could wear sandals every day I would be thrilled.
So I hold off on the socks usually until the first snow fall. People are often amazed when they see my bare ankles peeking out beneath my trousers!

Anyway... I do love buying new WINTER clothes. (actually any reason will do).
So when I'm finally through with the denial stage, I shop- and immediately feel better about the season!!
ANTHROPOLOGIE'S Hudson coat is such a pretty little thing. And the color 'lipstick' is so cheery in the sometimes dreary winter days. It's definitely my pick today!
I like that the only pattern or texture is on the sleeves and collar.

PS.... speaking of socks I must tell you that we thought we were going to get a bunch of snow the other day in the late at lunch time I figured I better go buy a pair!
I picked up a pair of Cashmere socks and may I tell you I LOVED THEM....they felt fabulous on my feet. Of course the gal who hates socks has to fall in love with the most expensive kind!!
So SANTA if you're listening....... CASHMERE is my new favorite word!