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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Where are your socks??

I am truly not a winter person. I HATE the cold. This season, I refused to even put on my winter coat until the temps reached the 30's. I was in denial. I have to say, here on the east coast, we have been really lucky to have the warm weather hang around so long into November. It was strange.

I also hate socks.. I know its silly. But If I could wear sandals every day I would be thrilled.
So I hold off on the socks usually until the first snow fall. People are often amazed when they see my bare ankles peeking out beneath my trousers!

Anyway... I do love buying new WINTER clothes. (actually any reason will do).
So when I'm finally through with the denial stage, I shop- and immediately feel better about the season!!
ANTHROPOLOGIE'S Hudson coat is such a pretty little thing. And the color 'lipstick' is so cheery in the sometimes dreary winter days. It's definitely my pick today!
I like that the only pattern or texture is on the sleeves and collar.

PS.... speaking of socks I must tell you that we thought we were going to get a bunch of snow the other day in the late at lunch time I figured I better go buy a pair!
I picked up a pair of Cashmere socks and may I tell you I LOVED THEM....they felt fabulous on my feet. Of course the gal who hates socks has to fall in love with the most expensive kind!!
So SANTA if you're listening....... CASHMERE is my new favorite word!


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Did you ever purchase the Anthropologie Hudson coat? If so, are you perhaps interested in selling it? haha

2:19 PM  
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