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Friday, August 17, 2007

a browsing we will go.......

Yes, I ran my errand (to pick up a gorgeous framed blackboard for kitchen) and dashed over to Anthro for a little leisurely stroll. And I didn't buy a thing. But I always leave with ideas. And yes there were too many things that I sighed over. Too many, but that is always the case.

I saw 2 chairs that just looked sooo good in person, the first was this Madeline chair.

And uh oh... the second one... doesn't seem to be online. It looked very close to this helsinki floral astrid chair. But I swear the pattern was more for fall and a little more taupe. I should have taken a photo with my cell. oh well, next time.
So on to sweaters...... this Ruffled Cattail cardigan looked so delicious I wanted to eat it! So pretty. And I love, love sleeves that are actually long enough for me!!

I just may have to break down and get one. I promised myself that I would be focusing on my home for a bit and not my wardrobe. ughhhh

And this beauty below was taken with my excuse the quality. But I can't find it online in a hurry. The bottom is lace-like and feels so delicate and it has an oversized hood. So pretty!


Blogger Saucy said...

I probably won't make it into an Anthro until late Nov or early Dec now... I can always order online... but that sweater - oh man! If there are any left, could they possibly be on markdown by then???

1:29 PM  

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