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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

UO to create Fourth brand concept

Oh please tell me more..... does anyone have any scoops?

'PHILADELPHIA-With little elaboration, locally based Urban Outfitters Inc. has announced plans for a fourth brand concept. It is not yet named, but the company says it will occupy large, freestanding sites and is scheduled to make its debut in early 2008.
The concept is “inspired by the greenhouse,” says Richard Hayne, chairman and president, in a statement. “Merchandise will include lifestyle home and garden products combined with antiques, live plants and flowers.”

Haynes has previously said the company’s stores are “all about environment.” The fourth brand, he says, will borrow “from the expertise and success of our other three brands (and will) also create a compelling shopping environment.”'


Blogger Saucy said...

Get ooouuuut! I wonder what they will call it?

10:06 PM  
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