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Hi, I'm Jennifer Fuchs.I love HOME design and creating new things out of the ordinary!!! I love painting, drawing, making Vines and all things handmade! Love fashion, shopping and blogging! I blog about what's new with Pinkybrown and to bookmark beautiful things that inspire me! Email me: Pinkybrown2005(AT)

Monday, February 27, 2006

bailarin espadrilles

A lace-up cotton and linen upper dances with primary colors and red piping. With sunny yellow ankle ties. 3.5" jute wedge. Rubber sole. Italy.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Oops. I posted a comment for the shir when I was trying to post it for the shoes.

So, can you tell me what brand these are? Have you found them cheaper anyplace else? Do they run true to size?

Thay really are precious but.... I am not sure that would want to pay that much for a playful set of shoes like this.

9:36 PM  
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