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Monday, October 10, 2005

It bears repeating...

Just some excerpts from Fast Company's article titled 'Sophisticated Sell', Issue 65, Dec 2002.

I love this article because as I am reading it, I find myself exclaiming, YES, YES, YES that's it! Shouting almost orgasmically (I might have just made up that word, play along). But its true, and if you are are like me, you might want to turn down the baby monitor while you are reading. Your husband might wonder what you are doing in that room by yourself.

"Why are so many women so passionate about shopping at Anthropologie? Because Glen Senk and his colleagues aren't just selling clothes and furnishings. They're selling a sense of Adventure and Originality-- and the promise of Self- Discovery." May I interject a YES here!

"This vibrant, women's clothing and home furnishing chain has cultivated a shopping experience unlike almost anything else in retail today. Your peripheral vision is activated. There's so much to take in that you can't focus on any one thing." YES!

" 'One of our core philosophies,' explains Anthropologie president Glen Senk, 'is that we spend the money that other companies spend on marketing to create a store experience that exceeds people's expectations. We don't spend money on messages--we invest in execution". Oh yes, you do.

"We have one customer and we know exactly who she is. ... a demographic profile: 30 to 45 years old, college or post-graduate education, married with kids or in a committed relationship, professional or ex-professional, annual household income of $150 to $200K. Senk says: I like to describe her in psychographic terms. She's well read and well-traveled. She is very aware-- she get's our references, whether its to a town in Europe or to a book or a movie. She's urban minded. She's into cooking, gardening, and wine. She has a natural curiosity about the world. She's relatively fit." Go ahead and say it...

"The attraction of Anthropologie is that it revels in the nuance and complexity of these women and the world they live in. And the power of its approach lies in its ability to create a vibrant, comfortable zone where they can put the puzzle of the multiplex, hybrid lives together." Ummm ...hmmm. YES!
Wonder no more, why I keep coming back.


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Blogger Saucy said...

Yes! You are so right about that one! I TOTALLY fit the description of the anthropologie shopper.

I have to explain what the store is to my friends here in Canada, they don't understand because they don't see print or TV ads for it.

10:12 PM  

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